Local children produce their drawings of Brandwood End Cemetery!

Just prior to Christmas 2012 New Vision Community Group were part of the Christmas Fayre at St Albans School. FBEC, as members of this group, ran a small competition for the pupils to draw what they saw and liked within Brandwood End Cemetery. These are the three prize winners.

This beautiful drawing of our Chapels was produced by Nancy McAndrew, who is 10 years old.


Maisey Cox, aged 9, has captured the   avenues of trees that make Brandwood End cemetery so beautiful.




Our final winner is just 5! Roman Addy has managed to pack so many things into his picture. Foxes, trees, angels, grave stones, mushrooms….and even a cat he saw!

Full marks for observation.


Each of the three winners will receive a prize of some items to use for their future artistic endeavours and their efforts will be displayed on our notice boards as well as here on our site.

We would like to thank them for taking the time to enter our competition.

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