Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery – come and meet us at our AGM

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 11th April 2013 starting at 7.30pm prompt at The Brandwood Centre – you are most welcome to come and join us.  Come and meet the committee; find out what we have been up to this year and perhaps get involved.  Everyone is welcome – only paid up members have the right to vote though.  Tea and coffee will be provided for you to enjoy.

We hope to see you there!


  1. malcolm haynes says:

    I am concerned about the run down state of brandwood end cementrey there appears to be no maintainence of the roads or should i say tracks none of the taps that work have nozzels on so when you try to fill a vase ithe water goes everywhere ie all over your shoes and trousers,it has been like this for a few years, the cemetrey has gone down hill ever since the staff moved out of the office because of a burst pipe they now reside at the new cemetery in kings norton in a nice office and strongly feel that brandwood end has been left to disintergrate.i have three graves there one contains my son aged 5 when myself and my wife pass away we are to be interred there hence my concern could you advise of the long turn future for this cemetery, very concerned m haynes

    • Sarah Courbet says:

      Malcolm. Your concerns mirror many of those of the Friends and this is why Friends of Brandwood Cemetery was formed. We undertake many projects within the Cemetery such as litter picks, creation of a Tree Walk, liaise on the upkeep of Brandwood Pool and maintain the Civilian Garden of Remembrance. We have also raised 1000s of pounds for projects such as the making safe of the Chapels, restoration of the gardens and refurbishment of the Lodge (finished last year and still not available to local groups). We continually lobby the owners Birmingham City Council for further improvements, such as the resurfacing of the drive. There are a few things you could do: Join the Friends so you will get our regular updates on progress; write to the Bereavements Department with your concerns and/or come along to our AGM on 11th April at Brandwood Centre, starting at 7.30pm. Please let me know what you decide to do and keep in touch! Sarah

  2. peter curran says:

    I have just read the comments of Malcolm Haynes which i am fully in agreement with everything he says. Today (16th May 2013 ) I have phoned Kings Norton Cemetery complaining that the water tap is broken at A1. Attempting to use another tap I foung the water had obviously been turned off as no water was coming through. I had to go home to fill a bottle and then return The lady in the office new nothing about it but told me she would investigate my complain
    Furthermore the main driveway leading down to the Chapel is also in a very dangerous state. I complained about the state of the drive to Kings Norton Cemetery about 12 months ago, and I was told that the situation was in hand.
    I drive into the cemetery at least 3 times a week and I am appauled on every occasion.
    Question : Who is responsible for repairing the driveway ? Noone sees to take responsibily. Repairs were made recently up to the gates by council workmen, but they said it was’nt there problem within the cemetery. Can anyone help please ???

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