Local Grant success!

New Vision have managed to secure yet another small grant from Waterloo Housing Association towards the completion of the woodland pathway within Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve, started last year. Brandwood Forum also had access to a small grant which they  kindly contributed towards this project, so its all ready to go!

IMG_6165 (800x600)Last year members of the Friends of Jasmin Fields were assisted by Bournville College students under the supervision of the BCC Park Ranger Service. Hopefully the same system will happen this time.

Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve forms part of a circular walk taking in Brandwood End Cemetery and Brandwood Pool. The close proximity of these three sites  to the northern Stratford upon Avon Canal also form a wild life corridor.  Muntjac and Roe deer often move between all 3 sites and there is a healthy bat population. We suspect that they wont be using the new pathway!!

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