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Yesterday the large Oak tree on ‘Oak Tree Island’ was felled and today the stump was ground out in readiness for the installation of a World War One Memorial on the site.

The tree had fallen foul of a serious fungal disease which had weakened its trunk and made it a danger. Time moves on and trees don’t last forever but we will all be sad that it has gone. A replacement tree on the same spot would not be suitable as there may be fungal spores within the soil.Brandwood End (1)

Oak Tree Island has long been used as a ‘signpost’ to other areas of the cemetery from the main drive. Hopefully the memorial to be installed at this point will take on this role.


  1. ANNE COURBET says:

    My heart missed a beat when I received this post. This tree was part of a farmyard and a very special landmark in Brandwood End Cemetery. However, I am not surprised at the decision to fell and I approve of creating the site into a World War 1 memorial which is very appropriate at the present time.

    • Jane Edwards says:

      Hello Anne,
      The surprise is that, as you travel along the main drive, you cant really tell it was ever there! So sad but hopefully the new memorial will be suitable.

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