Great to meet so many visitors.

Well- that is HERITAGE OPEN finished for 2023 in Brandwood End. We have to admit that it was a lot of work and took a lot of planning but without the support of Ian Binnie (Gallipoli history) Josie Wall (Stories from the Stones) Shirley Hancock (Lichen for Beginners) and Chatty Chatty Brum Brum for their great refreshments we couldn’t have offered such a wide choice of events.


Saturday was the final event and a chance to meet the Friends of Brandwood End. Our committee were able to explain what we do and why we care so much about the cemetery as well as offer some self led walks and a chance to read some of our research.


We were surprised how many casual visitors to the cemetery stopped to chat but also the distance some visitors had travelled after reading about our events on the Birmingham Heritage Open site.

Thank you all for your support and the interest everyone showed, especially those that either joined our members list or donated funds.

Finally, a thank you to all the committee that were at the event and gave up their Saturday.

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