HSBC spend a day in Brandwood End

As a small charity, the Friends depend on our supporters to help us with many of the projects we undertake. As those that follow FBEC will know, we are undertaking a long term Grave Gardening project to remove self set shrubs, Holly and Ivy from graves. We run regular volunteer sessions and members of the Friends also work in pairs on site when they can but without corporate groups to support us everything would take much more time.


Today we were joined by a team from HSBC in Birmingham. They spent all day on site working hard clearing two sections B4 CE and B6CE and you can see the finished effect above right.

This was just one of 4 large piles of leaves, sticks, weeds, self set shrubs and small trees that the team removed during the course of the day. By the time we left, the whole of B4 and B6 were looking far more ‘open’ and cared for. Thank you to all the volunteers from HSBC who worked really hard but were a joy to work alongside. Here’s  to the next time !! A special thankyou to Anita for organising the HSBC side.

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