Last Family ‘Hedgehog’ event in 2016

Today is our last Hedgehog awareness event in support of our Heritage Lottery backed ‘Help for Hedgehogs’ campaign. Now the weather has started to get colder, our Hedgehog friends are getting ready to settle down into their annual hibernation phase. Our event today at 2pm today  is your last chance to get some advice on how to help your local Hedgehogs prepare for the winter. We will have advice on Hedgehog homes (how to make them or where to buy them), what to feed them and how to make their lives a little easier. The Hedgehog is now in serious decline.

unnamedRanger Service and Wildlife Trust staff will be on hand to offer advice today at Brandwood End Cemetery 2pm till 4pm. They want to know if you have seen one lately .

Can we remind you that this cemetery is still in use so please show respect to those who may be visiting graves, and also advise you that the gates will close immediately after the event at 4pm, so please make sure you leave straight after the event.

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