Final Family Hedgehog event !

Today was the final Family Hedgehog Event in Brandwood End Cemetery as part of our ‘Help for Hedgehogs’ Heritage Lottery funded project. We still have plenty of activities planned but they will be aimed mainly at adults, to encourage them to understand more about the decline of Hedgehogs and what they can do to improve the environment within their gardens to attract them.

Today, despite the inclement weather, we were joined by between 30 and 40 ‘Hedgehog Heroes’ who undertook a number of activities. The more hardy amongst them joined Dean the Ranger and Emma from the Wildlife Trust on a walk through the cemetery to demonstrate how to create a log pile.  All the logs had been drilled with small holes to allow bugs to hid within them providing good food for waking Hedgehogs.

Inside activities included making ‘plate’ hedgehogs to take home and name pledge spikes for our large demonstration Hedgehog!





Today we have ‘Bug Life’ to thank for the supply of Bug Hotels which were taken home by visitors to deploy in their gardens. Our thanks again to SHED, based at Kings Heath Park, for making some more Hedgehog houses that were also snapped up by families eager to encourage our spiked friends. Follow this link to more photographs taken today.

By now the rain had started but it didn’t deter those keen for information!











  1. Len Gill says:

    Not sure if I an contacting the right people here, but.
    To whom it may concern,

    My wife & I walked past Jasmine Fields today on our way to town. The council in their wisdom have removed the waste bin from opposite Kinsey Grove?
    I have tried to contact the ranger via email, but message comes back email not delivered.

    What we saw was upsetting, Took some photos, but have no idea how to attach them here. There are Bin bags, cans, bottles an old car wheel complete with tyre etc.
    My wife & I are willing to spend some time over there to do some cleaning up.
    Is it possible that you could provide us with pickup litter sticks. We have plenty of black bags of our own we can use.

    Regards Len Gill
    66 Bayston Road,
    Kings Heath,
    B14 5AN

    Tel 01214432239

  2. Sarah Courbet says:

    Hi Len. Whilst the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery are closely affiliated with Jasmin Fields – indeed our Chairwoman is very involved with them – we can’t advise specifically on this open space. I believe the owners are Birmingham City Council. The Friends used to organise pickers and bags from the Council – but in the end we purchased our own. I’ve shared Brandwood Forum blog details in a separate post which may prove useful.

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