80 years ago today……….

Todays date, September 3rd, was an important date in 1939 as it marked the Official Declaration of War against Germany.

Until now much of the information regarding burials and casualties that FBEC have been highlighting on this site has related to WW1. Eighty years ago the country was yet again plunged into a state of War but this time the effects on the population ‘at home’ would be devastating.

Looking back in time we will still be highlighting issues that saw the end to the ‘War to end all wars’…..but our emphasis will move slightly to those buried in Brandwood End as a result of the Second World War.


  1. Anne Courbet says:

    My father came in from gardening to listen to Chamberlain’s announcement. My mother and I joined him in listening. Having already experienced WW1 this news was devastating to my parents. The future was very uncertain then, but it is good we now continue to honour those brave men and women who achieved peace. We must never forget.

    FBEC has played a very significant part in remembrance.

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