Last gardening work party of 2023

The Friends have had half a dozen work parties in the cemetery but todays was the final one of 2023. As usual our aim was to remove as many self set Holly saplings from graves as possible. Many of the ‘saplings’ had now grown to cover several graves and hampered families in their genealogy searches or in many cases prevented the tending of these graves.

Today we managed to uncover several graves and one was particularly interesting. Watch this site for more information. To our surprise over a dozen people turned up to help. Some stayed all of the session, some stayed an hour or so.  All worked really hard to uncover graves.


A story from this stone?                            Eleven full bags awaiting collection.

Two of our volunteers have been concentrating on the Civilian Garden of Remembrance and beds have been tidied and under hedges cleared. An amazing impact created by Sue and Ray.


Without our volunteers we would not be able to complete all the projects that we do- so can we give them all a huge thank you and wish everyone a Peaceful and Merry Christmas, as we all settle down for some family and personal time.

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