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National Cemeteries Week 2022

NATIONAL CEMETERIES WEEK 2022 will be running from 30th April till 8th May this year. It is a chance for Cemeteries and their Friends Groups to shout about what they are doing in relation to the many aspects they are involved in- from Remembrance to biodiversity. During that week the Friends will be signposting you to items of interest in Brandwood End.  Watch this site and our notice boards within the cemetery for more information.

God’s Acre ‘Memorial Recording Project’

As the Spring takes over from Winter the project to record the memorials and their inscriptions in Brandwood End continues. 

This project, led by Caring for Gods Acre, has two parts to it at the moment. The first is to manually record the information and so far we have welcomed many volunteers to undertake this task. If you would like to get involved then you can sign up via this link.

The second part is to convert  this information into a digital record that can eventually be embedded in a map!  All very exciting. If you know your way around a computer key board, then maybe you could help with this very important task. Interested? Then sign up here.

Memorial Recording restarts in Brandwood End.

Come along and help record the inscriptions on the headstones in Brandwood End. You can also learn what they really mean and how word styles have changed over the years.

Dates are now available for the whole of the summer but you do need to book a place as numbers are restricted. Once you take part in this event, organised by Caring for Gods Acre, you will want to come again.

These sessions are free, just book your place here.



Early ‘Great Spring Clean’.

Thank you to the 19 volunteers who helped remove 27 bags of ‘rubbish’  from the cemetery. Sadly lots of the rubbish consisted of windblown artificial flowers that had been swept far from their original graves by wind and squirrels. Our message is MAKE SURE ANY FLOWERS OR OFFERINGS ARE WELL SECURED. If you, or someone you know, have a grave in the cemetery we would advise that you check that all is OK. We have no idea which graves wind blown flowers come from so they find a home on the nearest grave or in the bin if they are in a poor state.

March Litter Pick

Our March Litter Pick takes places this Saturday the 5th March. As usual this March we are taking part in the national Great British Spring Clean event that is organised by Keep Britain Tidy.

We will supply the pickers and bags, we just need your muscles ! Can we remind you that stout shoes are the order of the day and that children are welcome, but they must bring an adult with them.

Meet at 10am by the Lodge on the main drive.

Key Hill and Warstone Lane Cemeteries.

Oh how we wish we could secure the millions of funding that Key Hill and Warstone  Lane cemeteries have, as it has enabled them to carry out so much practical work and also improve their digital presence. The ability to hire professionals to achieve results can be seen from their web site below. We would recommend one of their tours….but we would also like to recommend our own events!

Friends of Key Hill Cemetery & Warstone Lane Cemetery in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, Hockley. Established 2004 – Cemetery Research. Restoration , nonconformist, Hockley, Birmingham. Jewellery Quarter (

Commonwealth War Grave area

Regular visitors to Brandwood End are aware that we have a large number of Commonwealth War Graves but for some unknown reason a small number are placed together in an area in Section 33. We have tried, as have Bereavement Services staff, to find the reason why these flyers have been buried together, when all the other  CWGC recognised graves are scattered throughout the cemetery. We are all unable to find any tie between them.

Following a recent visit from a representative of CWGC it was decided that the site needed to be refreshed, and we reported on the start of this work. This is an update and the turf is now in place. We suspect that not much will happen now until this turf has bedded in, but perennial planting should follow and continued maintenance by CWGC gardening staff.

Congratulations !

On the 6th February 1952 Princess Elizabeth at the age of 25, became Queen on the death of her father King George VI. Her Coronation in Westminster Abbey took place the following year on 2nd June 1953.
On 6th February 2022, Queen Elizabeth at the age of 95, will become the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking a 70-year reign.

Council Officers share our interest in Brandwood End.

Members of the Friends spent a fruitful morning with Councillor John Cotton (Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion, Community Safety, Equalities and Bereavement Services) and Paul Lankester (Interim Assistant Director Regulation and Enforcement). Alison Fumagalli and Dawn Harding (Bereavement Services)  arranged the meeting and we were able to view the Chapel interiors and several other areas in the cemetery. We thank them all for sparing the time in their busy work schedules but I am sure they  agree that it was an interesting morning for us all.


Whilst in the cemetery we all paid a visit to the small War Graves area which is being refurbished by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission team, as it had become a little shabby. We await the finished article with anticipation as there will be new turf and perennial planting,  in line with all CWGC  maintained sites.