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Vistas opening up!

As mentioned in the article below, the clearance of ‘self set’ trees growing on, or close to graves has now started. If you are familiar with the cemetery you can see, from the photographs below, what a difference it will make.  Many graves that have been hidden for years have been exposed and the view across the section has now been opened up. This work will also mean that the tree lined avenues will now appear more defined.

20150208_143405 (800x600) 20150208_143440 (800x600)

If you look carefully in the photograph you will see the size of some of the felled trees that have obscured (piled to the right) both graves and views. None of the felled trees were part of the original planting.




This open view across the cemetery hasn’t been seen for many years.

Hopefully this will also mean that family members may be able to trace graves they thought were lost forever, and consider their restoration.

More mature trees lost in Brandwood End

We are sure regular visitors to the Cemetery will have heard and seen the tree work that has been going on. A number of mature trees have had to be removed as they were either damaged or diseased and represented a risk to the public.

20150123_144748 (800x600)It is so sad to see such majestic trees felled but many of them are at least as old as the Cemetery- so 120 years and some were part of the original hedgerows in the farmers fields. Nothing lasts for ever and fungi are often a sign of a trees demise.



The Friends are keen to help with the maintenance of tree stock numbers and species in Brandwood End but any introduction of trees into the cemetery needs to be carefully planned with Bereavement Services and the local Tree Officer to maintain its original design.

Season for Fungi

This is the time of year where the damp weather means its fungi season in the Cemetery. You can always find lots of ground fungi but Carola??????????????????????????????????????, a member of our committee, spotted and photographed this specimen of tree fungi!

fungii (2) (800x534)

Next time you are in Brandwood End try looking up……you would be amazed what you can find.


As well as varied birds sitting quietly in the trees you can also see the remnants of their nests and several squirrel dray’s. Views across the cemetery are very different when the trees are devoid of leaves but our many evergreen trees mean that there is always a splash of colour.

Those of us that are lucky enough to live close to the cemetery can recommend a walk there in any season and any weather as nature always provides something to see.

Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress visit Jasmin Fields

Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery joined other members of New Vision at an ‘Explore Jasmin Fields’ event last Saturday.  A similar event last summer was completely drowned out so we were dismayed when we started to set up in rain and wind! The wind was so strong that one or our gazebos briefly became a kite……but the wind soon dropped and the rain cleared and by starting time we had very acceptable weather.

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We were very pleased that the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress came along to open the event and stayed most of the morning. The Ranger Service and the Friends of Jasmin Fields, supported by New Vision, had arranged a circular walk of the nature reserve, pond dipping, cake icing, badge making, bike repairs and advice on security by the Neighbourhood Policing Team. The event gave local groups, including FBEC, the opportunity to make residents more aware of their activities and to enlist members for future events. Everyone agreed to had been a real success and well worth the effort by the volunteers.

If you have an interest in any of the local groups, especially Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery, please contact us via this site and we will add you to our e mail list to be advised of anything happening in our local community group areas. We all need your support at our events and it is so good to see local people interested in any of our sites.

Alistair McGowan becomes a Patron of the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery

Alistair McGowan
Alistair McGowan becomes Patron of Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery

Multi-faceted, an acute environmentalist, a rich heritage spanning many centuries and a thorough gentleman; Alistair represents all this and much more. He has now, we are extremely happy and proud to say, agreed to be the fourth Patron of the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery (FBEC).

Amongst Alistair’s lineage, there are thirty plus family linked members interred at Brandwood End Cemetery and this together with the 1700 plus ‘Brandwood End’ trees and Alistair’s existing patronage with ‘Trees for Cities’, provides an ideal backdrop to Alistair’s new FBEC patronage.

Brandwood End Cemetery Tree Walk

Want to learn more about the cemetery’s environment?  Two of FBEC Committee members have created a ‘Tree Walk’ around the cemetery for your enjoyment.

When the late Victorians created this urban cemetery for the spreading suburbs of Birmingham, it was to be a place not only for burials but for people to visit and appreciate the environment.  It was not unusual for Victorian and then the Edwardian families to dress up in their Sunday finest, and following a visit to a loved one’s resting place to then enjoy a walk along the tree lined drives.  You will be amazed at the variety of trees which were planted over a hundred years ago to create this extremely restful environment.

Now the tree walk is available in leaflet form from the holder, beneath our notice board, opposite the Lodge.