Month: July 2014

From Brownhills to Brandwood

Recently The Friends received a request relating to a possible WW1 soldier’s grave within Brandwood End Cemetery. After initial investigations this story developed even further, so if you are interested in the story of everyday people and the effects WW1 had on their lives then follow the link below.  Our part in the story comes very near to the end but, as you will see, could be very significant!


‘Trimming’ in the rain!

I am pleased to report that we have been able to give the hedge surrounding the Civilian Garden of Remembrance a well needed trim today. Its great to see how well established it has become and we hope that our recent hedge around nearby War Graves will follow suit!

IMG_7322 (800x600) I am afraid heavy rain throughout this exercise meant that we had to be very quick collecting hedge cuttings and possibly missed some, so take care.

We are always looking for help maintaining this garden area and especially removing the grass/weeds that grow under the hedges. If you could help FBEC with this – please contact us at               

 IMG_7323 (800x593)I am sure the pupils of St Albans Primary School will be proud of their planting efforts as their hedge has helped create a private and peaceful area for quiet reflection.

Watch this space!

Yesterday the large Oak tree on ‘Oak Tree Island’ was felled and today the stump was ground out in readiness for the installation of a World War One Memorial on the site.

The tree had fallen foul of a serious fungal disease which had weakened its trunk and made it a danger. Time moves on and trees don’t last forever but we will all be sad that it has gone. A replacement tree on the same spot would not be suitable as there may be fungal spores within the soil.Brandwood End (1)

Oak Tree Island has long been used as a ‘signpost’ to other areas of the cemetery from the main drive. Hopefully the memorial to be installed at this point will take on this role.

Archivist needed!

FBEC are looking for an interested member of the public to take on the volunteer role of ‘Archivist’. This will not be a very time consuming role but we feel that it is important that we keep material such as news cuttings and photographs etc in an orderly fashion for future reference.

It would require a person with access to a computer, a scanner and the internet ……and also an interest in preserving information.

If you think you can help us please contact FBEC via this web site or e mail for more information.

Jane Edwards (Chairman FBEC)

Monyhull Community Event

Lots of local residents attended the Community Event at Monyhull Church today and members of FBEC  spoke to many people about the future of the chapels and the condition of the cemetery in general. It is obvious that local residents are concerned about the deteriorating condition of the chapels and are keen to know if a solution is in sight.

The Brandwood Centre, Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve, Brandwood Pool and  Brandwood Forum were also represented at the event and were able to gather a few additional volunteers to help at future events on their sites.

20140705_145805 (800x600)In these times of financial constraints it is even more vital for local volunteer groups to support each other and share man power and equipment. Working together we can also spread the word about the very varied volunteering opportunities each group may have to offer.

Today’s event showed yet again what a varied and vibrant area Brandwood is !

Our Friends at Ward End Park launch their new Tree Trail.

Our Friends at Ward End Park have attended several FBEC events and often lend us quantities of spades to cope with our visiting school ‘planters’. Today it was our turn to visit their park for the launch of their Tree Trail and Sculpture leaflet.

20140704_105713 (800x600)Graham, who carved these marvellous sculptures, discusses the difficulties in working with such large pieces of Oak.

Luckily the rain that was forecast only made a brief appearance and everyone was able to walk the whole trail, viewing both trees and sculptures, before being provided with a lovely lunch by The Friends.

20140704_162853 (800x600)

Bugs, beasties and pond life.

Year 3 and 6 pupils and Teachers from Woodthorpe J and I school enjoyed a day long visit to Brandwood Pool to investigate the ‘bugs and beasties’ both on the land and in the water.

20140703_103326They were joined by members of the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery and Brandwood Pool who helped supervise the pond dipping.

The pupils were fascinated by the large number of frogs that were around the area and also the larvae in the pond. Luckily the sun shone all day and they all agreed that they would love to come back for another days adventure around the pool. The visit was arranged as part of the schools ECO week and it is hoped it will give the pupils a better understanding of biodiversity and the important part even the smallest creature has to insure the future of the planet.