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Are you searching for a grave?

If you are one of the many people searching for a grave within Brandwood End Cemetery you can normally contact Bereavement Services at Kings Norton (who hold the records) and get a more or less instant reply.

There is a minimum of 24 hour delay at the present as all the Brandwood End records of burials since the 1800’s are away from the site being ‘digitised’. This will vastly improve the service in future but means that there is a 24 hour delay in the short term- possibly till the end of May.

If you need information you need to contact Bereavement Services at least 24 hours in advance and make a request. Unfortunately this will make it difficult for anyone just turning up at the cemetery and ringing for an instant answer but this delay is unavoidable if records are to be made more accessible.

Tel: 0121 303 5583
Fax: 0121 459 8284
Email: kings.norton@birmingham.gov.uk




Seasons Greetings to all our supporters from Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery

2013 has been a year when Friends of Brandwood End have had to take a step back and think again about the way they want to move forward in 2014. We were all very disappointed when Birmingham City Council had to withdraw their financial support for a lottery bid relating to the twin terracotta mortuary chapels at the centre of the cemetery. Along with many local organisations we saw the time when Birmingham would be in a position to support any bid we proposed move further and further away. We are now working with Bereavements Department to investigate alternative fund raising options but in the meantime we will continue with our other achievable projects within the cemetery, whilst keeping the chapels at the front of our campaign.

Brandwood End Easter 2012 (2) (800x600)Monday 16th April 005 Monday 16th April 002

Hedge gets first serious cut!

Those of you that follow this blog will know that just over a year ago pupils from St Albans Catholic Primary School joined Friends and volunteers to replace an ailing hedge around the Civilian Garden of Remembrance with a new hawthorn hedge.This peaceful area had been abandoned for many years until The Friends, with lottery support, restored it to a restful place to sit and enjoy. Initially we had surrounded the area with a beech hedge but the soil, being clay and waterlogged much of the year, did not support this species, so a major plan was put in place to replace it with a more tolerant hawthorn hedge.

20130811_15403020130811_154043This hedge has thrived and grown and had begun to look unruly, despite occasional trimming, so this weekend it had its first serious ‘cut’ and we are pleased to say it looks fantastic. This will only be its second winter coming up and already it is starting to look like a well established hedge.  I think you will agree from the photo’s above that the area looks inviting and is well cared for volunteers from FBEC.

If you feel you could help us at all with this ongoing task of weeding etc please contact us via our web site. Many hands make light work and there is always something to do.


Safety measures completed.

Some time ago we reported the concern of members that the exit from the Broad Lane gate of the cemetery was potentially dangerous as there was no pavement and you stepped into fast moving traffic. FBEC  arranged with local Councillors to have the road marked outside both the public and the Jewish gates, to warn vehicles that there were  hidden exits within the hedge line.


Following our request to the Cemetery Superintendent we are pleased to say that a warning sign has been placed close to the exit so all pedestrians are now aware of the danger. Our thanks go to those who drew this to our attention and also for the assistance of the local Councillor and Bereavements staff for addressing this issue

Local community activity event -17 August

The Friends of Jasmin Fields Nature Reserve, supported by New Vision, are holding a local event to encourage residents to become members of local Friends Groups and support their community.  The event will run from 11am till 1pm on Saturday the 17th August on the main field area of Jasmin Fields, which can be accessed from Jasmin Croft or Bayston Rd, Kings Heath.

Misc 013The Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery will be at the event to encourage people to support their cause, along with other local groups.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team will be security marking bikes and running repairs will be available from ‘Bike Fixers’

The Ranger service will be stream dipping and bug hunting and members of Jasmin Fields Friends will be leading a walk around the site and the canal area.  If you want to be sporty, Billesley Tennis Centre will be holding some activities and there will be various crafts for children to get involved in. There will also be a wood carver demonstrating her skills. Hopefully lots of local people will attend and all our groups will benefit from new members.

Local school children enjoy the cemetery trees!

Before the end of the summer term, pupils from Woodthorpe Junior and Infant school joined members of the Friends to investigate our ‘Tree Walk’ as part of their ECO week. The pupils, accompanied by members of staff, collected leaves and cones and did leaf and bark rubbings.20130722_111804 The school hopes to be working with us again in the Autumn term on a number of small projects. Woodthorpe has a newly instated Forest School area and a keen ECO group and the children were very enthusiastic and entered into the spirit of the activity despite occasional slight drizzle.

Safety First at Broad Lane entrance

As those of you who use Brandwood End Cemetery regularly will know, making an exit via the Broad Lane gate often means taking your life in your hands. As you exit the cemetery you are obscured by hedge row and then immediately on the road with no pavement.This meant that speeding traffic approaching from the right had no way of knowing you were there!

After discussions with local Councillors and Bereavements department we are pleased to say that the ‘road’ side of the gate on Broad Lane has now been marked with white lines to highlight the exit from the main gate and also the Jewish gate to road users.

Bereavements department will also be fitting a sign within the cemetery as you approach the gate to warn pedestrians of the danger. Road Marking

Thank you to our members that drew this to our attention and the Councillors and Birmingham City Council Bereavements department for supporting our request.